Monday, April 19, 2010

Pent-Up Blogger

Boxer Edwin Valero found dead in jail
Better than a Jailer found in a box.

At 40, Lopez balances motherhood, marriage, movies

and giant ass.

Official: Kyrgyz president leaves Kazakhstan
I bet he was going to his spelling lesson.

Cuba's Catholic cardinal says country in crisis
Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter C.

Carolyn Rodgers, Poet, Is Dead at 69
This doesn't even rhyme.

Bill Clinton: The Lessons of Oklahoma City
Decent food, Crappy Airport & Blow Jobs are only $13

Polish President Is Buried in Krakow
I don't get it.

Palm Loses Executive, Retailer

But it will always have your wiener.

Blueberry Extract Slows Tumors in Mice

and taught Violet Beauregarde a very important lesson.

Revisiting the Suicide Doctor

ahem, "Unsuccessful Suicide Doctor". I'm just sayin'!

Schools Put Emphasis on Ethics
Oh, did they fire their Union?

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