Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hexadecaroons are people too!

Fla. manatees die in record numbers from cold
The evolutionary path to the Woolly Manatee!

Cleveland to raze buildings near site of blast
This just in from the Redundancy Dept. of Redundancy.

Feds close case vs. W.Va. congressman; no charges
Apparently no political affiliation either.

Grenade launcher, maps seized after man's arrest
How in the hell do you drive to a grenade Launcher?

Abortion shooting case keeps focus on details
Must have taken a sniper to shoot past the cervix.

Should the Census Offer 'Negro' as an Identity Option?
Maybe they should ask the Octoroons.

Siblings Clash on Who Takes Care of Elderly Parents
You dammit! NO, YOU!

Did the WHO Exaggerate the H1N1 Flu Pandemic's Danger?
Won't Get Fooled Again

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Freebird said...

Apparently no political affiliation either.

must be a Libretarian.