Tuesday, January 12, 2010


7.0 Quake Hits Impoverished Haiti
Fortunately, the nice part was spared.

Scheduled weeks ago, 'African Americans for Harry Reid' will go on as planned Maybe it's because he's "light-skinned with no negro dialect, unless he want's to have one."

Biographical data on alleged Tijuana drug lord
He likes Jackie Chan movies & taking long walks on the beach.

STIMULUS WATCH: White House changes job-count rule
This time they're playing for keepsies!

Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax
Looks like someone forgot the "reach-around".

Clinton seeks answer to sticky dispute with Japan
Does she have a brue dless?

Study: Youth now have more mental health issues
Obama Remorse Syndrome

Doomsday Clock to Change This Week
Unless you support ObamaCare!

Watching hours of TV daily could shorten your life
I saw this on 60 Minutes.

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Freebird said...

Looks like someone forgot the "reach-around".

Looks like they found it.